The Roundup

Lets start with F1 this update; Michael Schumacher won his 6th Grand Prix of the year in his home country of Germany, although it went under the name of the European Grand Prix as Germany already has a Grand Prix. The German was gifted victory by the slow McLaren of Kimi Raikonnen holding the pack up while Schumacher scampered away into the distance, Both McLarens suffered from engine failures, David and Kimi must be wondering what they have to do to finish a race! Rubens Barrichello followed Schumacher home, despite having a wheel-banging incident with BAR’s Takuma Sato, who later went out of the race with an engine failure, but that allowed for Jenson Button to claim his 5th podium finish this year, as the old saying goes “its better to be lucky than good”. The Renaults of Jarno Trulli and Fernando Alonso finished 4th and 5th respectively, with Fisichella, Webber, and Montoya filling out the top 8.

In football, Plymouth’s promotion rivals Bristol City didn’t quite manage to make it into the first division despite having a strong end to the season, as they went down 1 – 0 to Brighton at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff in the Division 2 play-offs, all which separated the teams at full time, was a Leon Knight penalty. So Brighton moves up to the first division along with Plymouth Argyle, and Queens Park Rangers.

Nothing terribly interesting has happened in my life since Saturday, went out to the Phoenix on Sunday night to see, Uncle Brian and Sharia Law, and I am sad to say that it was a really disappointing gig, I, like many had great expectations from the gig, and didn’t live up to the hype. Also on that night I managed to get totally wasted, thanks to the guys from S.L.O.T, cheers for the hangover guys. There was supposed to be a barbecue over at the Phoenix today, but the British weather killed that idea off, so I decided to have a quiet day in, or at least that was the plan, didn’t quite work that way, trouble in internet-land, on one of the guestbook’s I run for people!

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