Tuesday Night…

…Was an interesting one to say the least, started off as a quiet drink over the Phoenix, which quickly turned into lots of drinks, not sure exactly how many, but enough to get me more than drunken. To prove this point I did partake in some stupid activities, such as extinguishing a match in the palm of my hand, didn’t hurt at the time, but bloody hurts now. Anyway, got to 11pm, actually nearer midnight by the time I left the Phoenix. I somehow managed to talk a mate (who in-turn dragged his flatmate out) into going into Reflex for a couple more drinks, playing some more word based drinking games, again a stupid idea. To end the night, it was a game of paper, scissors, stone, to decide who had to chat a certain girl up, and of course I drew the short straw. But unbeknown to the other guys I was with, I already knew her previously from my days as a DJ at JFKs. To cut a long story short, she came home with me, although nothing sexual happened, we just talked, mainly about her problems, of which she had many, alcoholism being one of them, which is a shame as she seemed like a nice sensitive person, but her mind had been messed up by previous experiences, I wont go into that any further, I haven’t used any names for that reason. In the morning we exchanged numbers, and went out separate ways, but no doubt it wont be long before I bump into her again as we tend to travel in the same circles, but I do wonder whether she will remember my name when that happens, guess we shall see!

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