YES!!! Schumacher Crashed!!! PARTY TIME!!!!!!

As not too much blog-worthy has happened in the last few days, there isn’t much to say about my own life, other than attending the S.L.O.T. album launch party and remained remarkably sober, despite what the S.L.O.T. guys said. It was a good night of entertainment, great music, great atmosphere, and me getting involved in the mosh for the first time in ages, although I am getting wise in my old age, taking my glasses off and taking anything breakable out of my pockets!

The big sporting event of the weekend for me was Formula One, and the fact that Michael Schumacher screwed up and crashed (YAY, WOOHOO) but of course it was his fault, he doesn’t make mistakes does he? Anyway, it was a maiden win for Jarno Trulli, congratulations to him, but Jenson Button was pushing him to the end, despite Jarno claiming that he was taking it easy, a bit on one-upmanship I think! It’s really nice to see some new names on the podium for a change, and for me this was the most exciting race for quite a few years, not felt nerves like that watching the Grand Prix since the Schumacher/Hill incident in Adelaide (Australia) in ’94. For once I am not on the side of David Couthard who attacked the BAR team for not retiring Takuma Sato’s car when it was smoking, and called them inexperienced. I have seen all the top teams do the same in F1 before, including McLaren, Williams and Ferrari, so he had no right to say that, I think its just sour grapes because he was taken out of the race by careless Fisichella mounting the back of Couthard’s McLaren ending upside down.

That’s about all I have to say for this weekend apart from it’s best to stay well clear of me, as I have the Flu coming on again and that I am currently listening to Two Day Rules, Nothing Serious, who performed at the Phoenix on Thursday and Friday.

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