Controversy in F1 Land

Both Williams and Toyota have been disqualified from the Canadian grand prix after their cars were found to be breaking FIA rules. Both Williams’ and Toyotas’ were found to have larger brake ducts that the rules allow, which was discovered in parc ferme. Both teams accepted the decision gracefully as rules are rules, and if they break those rules, they have to accept the consequences. But on the bright side, that promotes Jenson Button up to 3rd position for yet another podium and David Couthard up to 6th place. If only it was Williams and Ferrari that were disqualified, that would have been Jenson’s maiden win, but sadly Ferrari don’t make many mistakes!

In football, it just gets better and better, England’s Paul Scholes may not be fit for the game against Switzerland on Thursday after he took a knock in the 2 – 1 defeat to France. Eriksson is defiant about his substitutions, he said “I don’t regret the substitutions”; “All three players who came on did well.” – what the hell is this guy on, Darius Vassell, and Owen Hargreaves did OK, and as for Emile ‘The Donkey’ Heskey, all he did has commit a needless foul on the edge of the box, which gifted France their first goal!

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