Déjà Vu

Reading back through all this again a few minutes ago, and it made me chuckle, so I thought I would share it with you, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

by Jason @ 20 Apr 2004 11:07
I never said that it was the band that said these things, it was your fans that all the abuse came from – Under false names for the most part. Both bands wanted for fraud and five times over have been fairly reasonable over the issue.

by tom @ 19 Apr 2004 22:40
jason we r sorry all this happened but ure new thing makes us look like violent obsenic assholes we didnt threat u with violence or insult your family and we only called u a few insults because we thought it was harsh but all round we are sorry and hope 2 c anudda bad review at dopamin? cheers!!

by Melon @ 18 Apr 2004 00:05
OI DICKHEAD! Have you ever heard of the phrase “Constructive Critisim”. Use it!
You don’t write reviews to slay the bands confidence…all you do is make them doubt themselves which is just plain mean!

by Scobal @ 17 Apr 2004 13:05
Lol thats such a great review, i wish i could word stuff like that.

Keep up the good work Jason

by Jason @ 16 Apr 2004 23:45
OK, I can accept that my wording may have been harsh, but it was what was going around in my mind at the time. I don’t set out to upset people, I can see that wanted for fraud do have potential, but the whole sound is rough around the edges, maybe it will get better with time, my main issue was the music sometimes seems to lack direction and refinement. It’s not always about being the best vocalist or best guitarist; it’s the whole package. Just look at S.L.O.T. not the best at any one thing, but they are highly entertaining, which I don’t think wanted for fraud are at the moment (to my ears anyway), and a lot of work needs to go into the stage performance.

by tom @ 16 Apr 2004 23:09
yeh but you are still out of line saying that we arent good as a band and criticism is ok if its not sayin we r crap 2geva and that our music is painful 2 u and u shud criticise us and tell us what we r doing wrong by givving positive comments not the fact that we suck dont attack us bcuz ure wrong to do it

by Jason @ 16 Apr 2004 20:47
A good example of what Tomas has said, would be my review of The Headplug performance about 6 weeks ago, which was terrible, and they came back with probably the best performance I have seen from them, and I reflected that in my review.

by Tomas @ 16 Apr 2004 18:53
What a load of whining and whimpering.

I’ve been playing music for the better part of 20 years and I’ve had my fair share of bad criticism.

What you do, is learn from it and use it to improve yourself. Improve yourself to the point of silencing the critic. Every critic is happy to eat his words, if you perform better.

by stu (fiveXover) @ 16 Apr 2004 13:39
i no you are entilted tour your opinion and its one of the only things we can hold on to in this country,but to try and see it from a bands perspective,when they read something like that it doesnt encourage them.i think it is good that you have your commitment to the phoenix but like tom said if you have nothing good to say dont say anything also pissed of cus some drunken twat put a window through last night and for sum reason i got the blame and am now banned from the pheonix along with the rest of the band.

by wes @ 16 Apr 2004 13:29
Hahaha, look you young alternative music fans, look at the history of subculture music. It is filled with controvesy, something that the scene seems to be lacking these days. These subcul;tures come from the belief that everyone is entitled to freedom of expression so give this bloke a break! The real world isnt about being nice all the time, thats just unrealistic, if you are going to put yourselves out as a band expect critisism, not everyone is going to kiss your ass. That’d become boring anyway. People are entitled to their opinion just accept this and move on. If everyone liked the same thing and was not aloud freedom of opinion then subcultures wouldn’t even exist. Really at the end of the day, the afore mentioned bands are having fun and do have a little local fan base so either take critisism or ignore it, and carry on doing what you enjoy.

by tom @ 16 Apr 2004 13:17
i beg to differ the b movie heroes sounded nothing like busted so your wrong there and also u wudnt b writing a blatant lie youd be writing something that people like 2 read young bands gettin good not young bands turning the phoenix into another dance academy if u dont want to take pictures of us then dont we will bring our own cameras and take them ourselves but this just shows that u r unproffessional because you arent gunna take pictures or write reviews just on bands who said ure a bad critik if u get paid to do it (maybe u do maybe u dont) then you have to write a review u just dont need to make it as bad as u can when reely the bands wernt as bad as u said they were thank u

++ Edit (Jason) ++
I am not a professional (well, I am, but not a professional photographer/critic), I do this as a hobby, and I do NOT work for the Phoenix… I created and run this site because this sort of site has been missing from the Plymouth scene for a while… most people appreciate that. I could just be like everyone else and go to the gigs that I really want to see and to hell with all the other gigs.
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by Jason @ 16 Apr 2004 12:56
Right, I am getting bored of this now… fine you dont like me, you dont like my reviews… thats fine, it doesnt really bother me, but I wont write a blatent lie on my site to pander to any band, not specifically Wanted for Fraud or Five Times Over. Yes, it is Phil’s job to make you sound good, the sound levels were fine in front of stage before you started adjusting your amp levels, and as Phil said previously “the sound in front of stage is only as good as the sound coming from the back of stage” – You’re right my reviews are not important, I never said that they were, I started writing reviews at the request of some bands. From now on, I won’t bother writing reviews or taking any pictures of Wanted For Fraud or Five Times Over, that suits me, less work for me to do.

It’s a bad review, so what? there are more important things in life, get over it… accept it for what it is, and think “any publicity is better than no publicity”.

by stu @ 16 Apr 2004 10:00
i think that is a loud of bullshit,who really gives a shit if the vocals dont sound right its not up to you how they sound we are just aving some fun.and wat the the fuck u talking about B moivies sounding like busted and blink,shows wat u no.

++ Edit (Jason) ++
I don’t really care if the vocals dont sound right, but don’t expect me to write a good review of the performance, when it was clearly not a good performance. I said that B*Movie Heroes sounded like Busted/Blink182 at times, which they did, which isnt a bad thing.
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by jen @ 16 Apr 2004 02:20
holy shit i cant believe the crap youve wrote about wanted for fraud and five times over if anything they lit the nite up and u shud get your head out of ure ass and start appreciating upcoming bands like these also u said it was evry1 elses fault but theirs in case u dont know anything about music u thicko it wasnt their fault because they dont do the sound they just play the instruments. ive been in the music business for twelve years and i know that these guys are great and if u take your time and look at some of wanted for frauds guitaring and bass then youd notice how dumb you are because its very technical stuff u just dont know what you r talkin bout

++ Edit (Jason) ++
I am not a musician, but I know what sounds good, I have been a big music for the best part of 20 years, and have heard some excellent bands live, and quite a few of those were at the Phoenix. There was nothing wrong with the sound at the beginning of the set, so am I to assume that its now Phil’s fault they sounded bad?
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by hemes and the rest @ 16 Apr 2004 02:05
OI im sat here wit a few of the peeple that came tonite and the 90% of the people who went today only went to see wanted for fraud and 5 x over because they are great bands. your views on them are just shit and ive been 2 a lot more than 7 of each of their gigs and the phoenix is just 1 place that theyve played all of the others have got critics worth lissening to because they point out the good things in a band not say that the nite was gonna b hell your just a sad act who picks on young bands just to give yourself kicks i wudnt b surprised of u still live with your mum

++ Edit (Jason) ++
So now I am picking on young bands, thats a new one… haven’t heard that one before. I have supported many talented up and coming bands, and in my opinion, Wanted for Fraud, and Five Times Over don’t fall into that category. I fail to see how I get kicks from giving bad reviews, I wrote my honest opinion and nothing more. And as to my living arrangements, thats none of your business, but its safe to say that I dont live at home with my mother.
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by super ryan @ 16 Apr 2004 01:48
what was all that shit about? firstly, i would like to say that your one sided comments about the first two bands was appauling, slamming new bands when they give a good performance and attract people to your venue. the first band, wanred for fraud, played very well and complaining about something is the right thing to do because if you dont then you wont sound as goood as possible, the second band on, 5x over played a good fastcore set and just because you dont like that genre does not meen that they are not talented musicians. the overall night was exceptional with four good bands playing and for some reason i dont think the b movie heroes would like you commparing them with the likes of busted as they are a load of pop wank.

++ Edit (Jason) ++
Erm… what the hell is fastcore, are these new genres made up on a daily basis, if you want to get technical, all rock, metal, punk, ska etc, originated from blues, later to become blues rock, and then broke down into other sub genres. How can you say that I dont like certain genres, I have written good things about other bands in the same genre, who I consider to be better bands. I must say that you are being hypocritical as you slate me for giving Wanted for Fraud and Five Times Over a bad review, they following it up by calling Busted “a load of pop wank”.
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by me @ 16 Apr 2004 01:38
at least the bands who played have some hope of becoming sucseccful in life, you, with your job have no chance whatso ever of becoming sucseccful your a critic who works in a pub taking photos of bands that you don’t even pay…….. if wanted for fraud or 5x over ever do become famous they are gonna make you look like shit……… me

++ Edit (Jason) ++
Firstly, I am not a critic, never have pretended to be one, I just write my thoughts of the gig. I dont work for the Phoenix, I dont receive any money from the Phoenix, I give up my time and money to attend gigs, for the good of the community, and most people respect me for that. It’s a fact that of all the bands in the local scene, maybe 2 or 3 will have moderate success on the national stage, and there are far better bands locally than Wanted for Fraud and Five Times Over.
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by tom (wanted for fraud) @ 16 Apr 2004 01:37
i agree with sam 100% u r in no postion 2 say that we r bad as a band when u cant get up there and do it ureself. you have no rite 2 say the music was painful 2 listen 2 from either us or 5 x over because in fact we have received 17 emails 2nite saying that they loved us and also 5 x over. u are the only person 2 have ever said we are crap and considerin we are young and just havvin a laugh we dont need ure silly little reviews spoiling the fun if u dont have anything constructive 2 say then shutup. you are probably the worst critic we have ever come across (weve met quite a few) as the other reviews from more professional people have lifted our spirits not dampened them like u have so next time (dopamine) maybe you can be a little bit nicer to us considerin we are all better than you at what we do ok thank you very much

by sam(wantedforfraud) @ 16 Apr 2004 01:10
i think thats a bit harsh i dont think your very good as a critic we didnt even know about the gig untill the night before so we didnt have much time to prepare anyway. Just because you dont like our style of music dosnt mean you have to write like this”the music was painful to listen to” i dont think you have the right to say things like that considering that you cant probaly do it yourself i know we were complaining but thats because we like to hear what we are playing and its phils job to make us sound as good as we can. The only reason the vocals sounded off was because we couldnt hear ourselves so i dont think we played badly neither did 5x over and the crowd seemed to enjoy it(so you can shove your review up your ass) have a nice day.

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