Oh look, Another Football Entry

As the title suggests, more football related stuff, firstly my home team, Plymouth Argyle, Bobby Williamson has brought yet another Scottish Premier League playing down to Home Park, this time it’s Stevie Crawford from Dunfermline, that’s the 5th player to come down from north of the border to play for the division 2 champions. I am really now getting paranoid about Williamson as he seems to be only interested in bringing a load of Scots down to the first division next season, which is moving away from the Pilgrims way of doing things, promoting grass roots football, giving the local lads a chance, and I am not sure I like the direction that the club is moving, guess results will tell next season!

ooOOoo hot off the press, controversy at the Euro 2004 championship, Russian goalkeeper, Sergei Ovchinnikov has been sent off for handling the ball outside of the area. Although its not as clean cut as it may seem, I don’t believe he handled the ball deliberately, he tried his best to not touch the ball, in fact there’s some debate whether he touched the ball at all, its hard to tell from the camera angles, personally I think it was a yellow card at best, but it was red from referee, Terje Hauge, and the referees decision is final, so its now looking like Russia will be going home as they are already 1 – 0 down to Portugal, despite having another game to play against Greece on the 20th.

Also in Euro 2004, I watched the Holland Vs Germany match yesterday, and I think that neither team played very well, as on paper Holland are the team to beat this championship. This of course is good news for England, as they have played better in the France game than any other team in the championship so far, despite being robbed in injury time. Speaking of the England game, I really hope that Scholes will be fit for the Switzerland match as Nicky Butt has been ruled out of the whole championship, and with a bit of luck Heskey will be injured in practice, so Eriksson cant put him on the pitch again to fuck things up for England, as nothing less than a win will do for the English!

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