Oh, what a suprise!!!

UEFA has defended referee Urs Meier’s decision to disallow Sol Campbell’s in the England Vs Portugal match; “You can see on TV it is a clear foul, it’s not a discussion point. When you put the arm over the goalkeeper and he can’t jump it is foul play and I was really happy that television showed it” Said Meier. The way I see it, John Terry was already in the air when the keeper got underneath him, Terry couldn’t do anything else. The keeper was never going to get to Sol Campbell’s header without fouling the England player, which is why the goal should have stood, it’s a case of “six of one, half a dozen of the other” football isn’t exactly a non contact sport. But I do agree that they English press took it too far, publishing pictures of Meier’s wife, car, draping an England flag across his home, printing his phone number, and Email address, that was completely out of order, regardless on my opinions on Meier’s decision, he doesn’t deserve to have his private life disrupted by inconsiderate press people, but they just see pound signs as they know it will sell!

To add to my post from yesterday, the support from the visitors of Phoenix Live has been incredible, I was very tempted to reconsider my decision, but I really should walk away this time around. I have more important things to consider, such as finding a full time job as the Phoenix Live site was taking up more and more of my time, organising people who were writing for the site, keeping the site updated, and going to gigs, I was spending 30+ hours on this project, which I cant really afford to do (without drinks, it was costing me £15+ per month). Time to move on, the World is an ever changing place and this is just another infinitesimal change in the global perspective.

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