OI, Eriksson… NO!!!

England was in action tonight against France, as if you didn’t know, and for 91 minutes everything was going to plan, with Frank Lampard scoring from a set piece on 38 minutes. England absorbed the pressure from France, and were awarded a penalty in the 71st minute, which the great David Beckham (I use that term loosely) missed the penalty (oh the shame). Shortly after Eriksson substituted Michael Owen for Darius Vassel, which wasn’t such as bad idea as Owen had been ineffective in the game, but the second substitution was taking Rooney off and putting on ‘the donkey’ Emile Heskey, who’s only contribution was to bring down Makelele needlessly, and gifted a free kick on the edge of the area to Zinedine Zidane, who duly converted the free kick! Then England completely lost the plot with Steven Gerrard passing the ball back to David James, who brought down Thierry Henry for a penalty, Henry had already lost the ball, James should have stood his ground, of course Zidane converted the penalty into France’s second goal in 2 minutes. What the fuck was Eriksson thinking by putting that donkey on the field, Heskey has done shit all season, and didn’t deserve his place in the England team, the only shining light of the game was Ledley King and his defensive skills, I think he will be a regular in the England side from now on. At least the other game in Group B was a scoreless draw, so England only trail by 1 point, albeit at the bottom of the table! Also in Formula One, Jenson Button only managed a disappointing 4th place after qualifying a strong second place. Michael Schumacher somehow managed to win the race from 6th on the grid, but both Renaults went out of the race, making life easier for the German. Takuma Sato went out of the race with yet another blown engine, seems strange how it always happens to him, and not Jenson. Ralf Schumacher finished in second place, followed by Rubens Barrichello. It wasn’t a good day at all if you are an English sports fan, although at least the English cricket team did us proud, by whitewashing the Kiwi’s beating them by 4 wickets with a day to spare, and winning the test series 3 – 0, well done to the England cricket lads.

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