Well, its been a week since the last update almost, this is because I have been trying to move hosting services from my existing ISP, “One Stop Names” to my new ISP “1 & 1”, I put in a request to change the name servers to 1 & 1’s name servers on Monday, something that should be quick and easy, simply use the Nominet template, fill in the relevant details, encrypt with PGP and send, done, then the record will change in 24 – 48 hours. Well, 4 days had passed, then I get an Email this morning saying that I would have to pay an £80 transfer fee, which in itself is scandalous as the transfer process for .uk domain uses the same method as name server changes, but the thing is I don’t want to transfer the domain, just use alternate DNS servers. As some of you may know, I used to work for NUMO Limited, who was trading as One Stop Names, and they pretty much made all of the staff that were any good at their jobs “redundant”, and they installed a load a numpties who cant tell the difference between a transfer request and a DNS change. If they insist on taking this line, I will be contacting Nominet direct to request a transfer; it will cost me £80 still, as I am a private individual and not a member of Nominet, but at least those thieving bastards at NUMO wont get their hands on my £80.

In Formula One, firstly, a little late I know, but what the hell, Michael Schumacher is looking more and more likely to wrap the championship up in the next few races after leapfrogging Kimi Raikonnen by making one less stop than the Finn to take the British GP win. Jenson Button had a pretty uneventful race finishing a solid 4th place, 10 seconds off winner, Michael Schumacher, behind Michaels Ferrari team-mate Rubens Barrichello, maybe next year eh Jense? More up to date news, it seems that Max Moseley has done a dramatic U-Turn, declaring that he will now stay on as FIA president, which could be a good thing, but he needs to drop the idea of slowing F1 cars down as that will make the whole sport boring, if its actually possible to make it less exciting!

I have been learning some scouse words recently through my conversation with a drunken Ben, he was going on about geese and women, of course I was wondering what the hell was going on, when he said to me “there were loads of goosable women out tonight”. Here’s me thinking its some kinky sex game involving poultry, turns out that ‘goose’ means ‘shag’ or words to that effect, I swear that scousers speak a different language!

Hopefully, the next time I do an update it will be running on the new server, if the people at NUMO pull their finger out of their arse and do something useful!

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