I am so lonely now

I am all alone his my flat again, Tomas has just left on his journey back to Iceland via Stanstead airport, come back soon mate, its been an insane week of drinking, driving (not at the same time you understand) drooling over hot women on the beach and getting slightly lost because of my crap map reading skills. Plymouth will never be the same again, I am already getting withdrawal symptoms, well maybe not, but it seems strange being alone, especially as my temporary flatmate, has taken an enforced holiday, sadly, so if there is any young ladies out there that need somewhere to stay, I’m sure I could be more than accommodating, but I only have one bed, so sleeping (or lack of sleeping) arrangements could be interesting ;) (*hopes that didn’t sound too desperate*).

Yesterday for the most part was spent in various pubs around Plymouth, firstly, the local Wetherspoons pub, The Union Rooms for a couple of ales, specifically, a Kentish ale called Spitfire (not sure whether they mean the plane or car). Then we moved onto the Phoenix (what a surprise eh?) for some more beer and live music, and finally onto The Skiving Scholar for some more drinks and the obligatory drinking games, and almost experienced a golden shower, as the gents was flooded and we were sat directly underneath, wouldn’t be so bad if it was below the ladies, watersports can be interesting (*ahem*).

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