Well, Well, Well…

Me: LOL although I have a picture of you on my desktop!
Her: but why????????
Her: I’m a rock star?
Me: actually I don’t, but it sounded good ;)
Her: rude!!!
Her: lol
Me: I can put you on my desktop if it would make you feel better!
Her: totally
Her: now you’re in my debt u need to make me happy
Her: lol
Me: changing format to add to desktop now :)
Her: yeah”!!!
Me: http://***censored***/desktop.jpg
Her: I’m so cool
Her: and Jason rocks now too
Me: now I can blame you for distracting me from my work now ;)
Her: huh? Me :O
Her: never
Her: lol
Me: I wouldn’t dream of inflicting peoples desktops with pictures of me LOL
Her: awwwwwwwwwww
Her: I’m here to spy on you and care you from your desktop
Me: spy on me??? :-O Best stop parading naked in front of web cam then ;)
Her: Jason
Her: that’s rude!
Me: I don’t, but I could as the majority of people on the web don’t know me, although I bet the site would be closed down pretty sharpish!
Her: lol
Her: I could inflict horrible pain on someone with the site on me
Her: cool beans
Me: I’m sure you wouldn’t, I would rather look at you naked than look at me naked!
Her: hahahahahahhahaha
Her: nah you’d never sleep again
Me: is that an offer? LOL
Her: *-)
Her: no lol
Her: haha nice try
Me: well, it’s easy to lead into dodgy conversations lol
Her: I know
Her: that how everything I say goes
Her: I better go anyway
Her: hoping to go tomorrow b4 Newquay
Her: see you soon
Her: xxx
Me: goodnight :)

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