It seems that myself and Tomas have a slightly different version of what happened on recent days as written on his blog, although everything he said about the hard-on material was very true, just a shame the majority of them have boyfriends, oh well, life’s a bitch eh? When Tomas said “Jason got sick and I got wet”, that doesn’t mean that I threw up over him (infact I didn’t throw up, just went straight to bed) and Tomas got wet because he couldn’t figure how to use an unlocked door, and stood outside like a lemon, well, doors open differently in Iceland you know ;) I was a little disappointed that Tomas was actually reasonably kind to the bands, so no reaction as yet, although they were reasonably good bands, if a little too screamo, so he couldn’t say that they were bad. Last night I was just too tired to do anything, sitting in a car reading a map is actually incredibly tiring (*wonders if anyone actually bought that*) anyway, I wasn’t too keen on seeing the bands anyway, as I had seen them before and they weren’t that great.

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