Another day, another job interview!

Another two days have passed, and I have obtained another job interview as a warehouse person with a local firm, the recruitment person I spoke to on the phone, seemed pretty keen to meet me, I must have said something right. Apparently I come across as very friendly and confident, not sure how true that is myself, but if it works in my favour I am all for it. At Working Links today, I was pointed towards another good resource for finding work, which the Jobcentre didn’t bother telling me about, despite it being another government site. The site works so much better than the Jobcentre Plus site, pulls up a load more results and is generally more accurate and doesn’t tend to show you jobs hundreds of miles away from where you live. If you are interested in having a look, its, certainly worth a look if you are out of work!

In sports news, I see that Paul Sturrock must really rue his decision to move from Plymouth to Southampton as he is now out of the job. It wasn’t really fair on the guy as he wasn’t given time to prove himself as manager at Southampton, but part of me is glad that he has been dumped especially after leaving Argyle at a crucial part of their promotion campaign. Sturrock was linked with a move back to Plymouth, but Argyle chairman Paul Stapleton said “To connect him with Argyle is nonsense. We have a very good manager in Bobby Williamson and Paul’s sacking doesn’t affect us in the least.”

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