Day One – Part II

Well, another day, another government course, well technically its not, they are working as a government contractor. My initial reactions were, “oh god, another government scheme, woohoo”. But the first day has been relatively positive, and apparently I will get a job before the two weeks are up! but I have heard it all before, so I wont hold my breath, but I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so I will attend and hope for the best, if it does get me back into work, even better, I can start getting the millions of things I have wanted to buy, but couldn’t because of the general lack of funds.

In football, it has been a profitable weekend for Plymouth Argyle, holding onto their 2nd place in the championship, although for one minute over the weekend before the Wigan Versus West Ham match on Sunday that the Pilgrims could remain top of the league, but looks like it wasn’t destined to be, but we are only second on goal difference, so I am reasonably happy with the start of the season for Plymouth. Next match for Plymouth should be a good one as Argyle host Sunderland at Home park next Saturday, which should be quite a test, but nothing less than a home win will do, we really need to win all our home games to stay in the frame for the promotion to the premiership. Probably shouldn’t think that way, but its hard not to when your team is doing so well!

It was Leslie’s (Phoenix Landlord) birthday party yesterday, which was a good day overall, I really enjoyed seeing Leslie getting drunken, and the day was really good musically as well, having quite a few bands did impromptu performances in honour of Leslies advancing years. I spent a load of money that I shouldn’t have really, which means that I am now skint for another 10 days, but it was a good night, so it was worth it, and I didn’t have a hangover, so that’s a bonus, and just as well as I had to be up early today.

Well, that’s the life and interests of me for the weekend, I am not talking about F1 as it was the same old story, no interest at all, might even give up watching for the rest of the year as Ferrari have already wrapped up the constructors championship, and Schumacher should wrap up the drivers title next race! And my interest in Jenson Button isnt very high after the events of the last week between Button, BAR and Williams!

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