Doom 3

Well, it was finally released last week, and I have had the opportunity to play the game over this weekend, and it is a rather big disappointment. The game play is sluggish, even with minimum detail and 640 x 480 resolution, making the game almost unplayable when the action starts. It doesn’t even look that great, I have other games that have better graphics and plays at 40 – 60 frames per second, so it looks like it ID Software have been writing slack code, as it should run better on my machine. Apart from being over 12 months late, they have scored an own goal by making the game inaccessible for the majority of people, and the game isn’t really that good either. You can’t hold a torch and gun at the same time, which makes things awkward to say the least as you cant see anything without the torch. Roll on Half-Life 2 is what I say; I hope that this won’t be a disappointment as well.

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