FIA in bed with Ferrari?

It came out Friday that Ferrari could be in collusion with the FIA over the rules and regulations for next season, according to an unnamed person within the FIA (Bernie upto his old tricks again maybe?). Ferrari were reckoned to have advance notice of the changes which would give Ferrari a massive advantage over all the other teams on the grid. Renault have been fingered as well as they were one of the teams pushing to a two race engine, which looks like happening. The same unnamed person in the FIA said, “”Don’t be surprised if two teams start next season with a big advantage.” Personally this doesn’t surprise me, as I have suspected that Ferrari and Michael Schumacher has been getting preferential treatment from the FIA, how many times has Schumacher broken the rules and gotten away with it, when other teams were punished heavily. Plus with the Ferrari dominance, Formula One has become about as interesting as watching paint dry. F1 these days is more procession than a race, lets go back to the days of Mansell, Picquet and Senna, when there was real racing, and it was about driver skill, rather than the best technology!

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