Gadget Freak Alert!!!

The gadget freak in me has reared it ugly head again, and I have a sudden urge to spend a load of money I don’t actually have. It’s looking like its time for a new digital camera, as I improve as a photographer, I find quite a few inadequacies in my current Fuji Finepix S3000 camera, especially in low light situations. The flash does the job well enough, but the AF/AF-L has a hard time focusing on subjects in poorly lit environments, such as the Phoenix were I take most of my pictures, resulting in blurry images, which annoys me immensely. Just to add insult to injury, the S5000 camera that would have been much better as it has a focus assist light, is now available for £210 from, which is £10 less than I paid for my S3000. But the camera I really want to get is the Fuji Finefix S7000, simply because of its manual focus and zoom modes, not to mention the 12Mpixel-interpolated resolution, giving a maximum of 4048 x 3040, that’s 12,305,920 pixels, and more buttons and switches than I would know what to do with. But the problem is that I don’t have the cash to spend on it, despite finding said camera for £336.98, including VAT and delivery from SVC Direct. Let’s hope that I get this job at Royal Mail tomorrow, so I can drop drooling over the camera and actually be able to purchase one to play with!

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