Last night…

!was a bit of strange one, I was asked to go to a birthday night out by Stephen, for his work colleague, Nick, who apparently has no friends, and from last nights events I can see why. He doesn’t come across as very approachable; he sat down all night with a rather bemused look on his face, and didn’t look like he was enjoying the night at all. He insists that he does have friends, but I can’t see it, as none of them bothered to come to his birthday bash. I always make an effort to go to friends’ birthday parties, and most other people would be the same. The fact that Stephen had to get all his friends together to go out with Nick on his birthday says it all, and even worse, I managed to spend almost £45 last night.

In football, Plymouth Argyle’s winning streak in the league was brought to an abrupt stop in yesterdays away match against Watford, losing 3 – 1. Plymouth started the match well, taking the lead, courtesy of Mickey Evans in the 18th minute. But that lead was cancelled out 15 minutes later, then a Danny Webber double in the second half, sealed the match for Watford. Luckily league leaders, Wigan Athletic could only manage a 1 – 1 draw against Sunderland, so although Argyle have dropped two places in the table to 4th, they are currently only 1 point behind the leaders still!

Formula One, Michael Schumacher clinched the F1 drivers title, but not in the way he would have wanted to, Kimi Raikonnen pissed on Schumi’s parade, by beating him to the top step on the Podium. David Couthard could have been second if it wasn’t for an early puncture, which appeared to kill off his chances of any points, but amazingly he battled his way back up to 7th, but then crashed into the back of Christian Klien’s Jaguar at 180mph, another pit stop later to fix the damage, and he was back on track, and finished in 7th place, worth 2 points, due to a few good overtaking moves and a bit of luck with other retirements. Jenson Button had a tyre failure at almost 200mph, crashing into Zsolt Baumgartner’s Minardi, which is lucky really as it could have been rather nasty otherwise!

Finally, I assume that I didn’t get that warehouse job that I went for the interview for on Thursday, I guess it was the lack of experience that killed off my chances. How is anyone going to get any experience if none of the employers are not going to give people the chance to get any experience, no wonder there’s a skills gap in the UK!

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