Plymouth Argyle!

!Are in second spot in the Championship, look out Premiership, here we come! well maybe not, but it cant hurt to dream! It’s been a decent start to the season, one home draw, which is a little disappointing, but yesterday fortunes changed, when we beat Brighton 2 – 0 on their own turf. Although the Pilgrims were gifted the win by a rather disjointed Brighton side, conceding an own goal off the head Danny Cullip after 11 minutes, Argyle sealed the win just before the break for half-time when Brighton’s, Daniel Harding brought down Argyle’s Lee Hodges, and Paul Wotton converted the penalty. I think that it will be a day that Brighton will be glad to put behind them, but Argyle will be more than happen to take three points away from the Withdean Stadium. The next match should be a little tougher, an away fixture at Ninian Park in Cardiff, against Cardiff City strangely enough!

Seems that Microsoft aren’t very happy about the new Service Pack for Windows XP being distributed via P2P file sharing network, Bittorrent, The full 266MB network installation file is being shared already. But, yes there is a BUT, the problem I can see is that hacked versions are surfacing which contain Trojans and other nasties which are not good for the health of your computer, but it does shows what genuine uses P2P can be capable of, but no doubt Microsoft will piss on the P2P party, despite taking the load off their servers and helping to speed up the roll up of what is Microsoft’s huge security bug fix.

Downloads: Official M$ Site Download :: Bittorrent Download

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