The last three days… and some sports rantage…

Lets start with what I have done over the last few days, I was asked to walk up to Royal Mail in Plymstock again on Thursday, and just hang around on the off-chance that someone may fail to attend, so I could do a typing evaluation test, which I may not even pass, before I even get an interview. I was going to go, but I managed to oversleep by 30 minutes, so there was no chance of me getting out there by half past eight. Then I get a call later in the day from my Working Links advisor, asking what happened, and the amount of distain in her voice was astounding, it was like she was talking down to me. I am really starting to think that all government agencies are a bunch of snobs that think that they are better than you! I really hate people like that act and think like that, no matter what job you have, or how much money you have, one person is no better than the next person.

Thursday night I went out with a couple of friends, Stephen and James, we ended up on a mini pub-crawl, started off in Wetherspoons, for a couple of beers, then to the Phoenix, for a couple more beers, and listen to some live music, also to try and recruit Phil and Simon to join us, which was unsuccessful, Phil seems to have developed some willpower from somewhere. Myself, Stephen, and James headed up to the Skiving Scholar for a few more drinks, but the place was dead, which is a little strange as its always packed in there, except for that night obviously, we ended up going home a little before 1am. Friday night went pretty much the same way, just that we bought some beers, much cheaper that way, £2.09 for 4 440ml cans, which is almost 4 pints, which would have cost £8.40 in the Phoenix, then went off to the Phoenix, and picked up Phil and Simon, and off we went to Voodoo Lounge and played the usual drinking games, becoming a bit of a habit these days. We eventually left at just past 2am, Phil, Simon and Stephen decided to make some stupid comment and run away. I wasn’t in a running mood, so I made my way home, and bumped into some old school friends, all female (which is always good), so I ended up back at their place, and we talked until 5am, catching up on old times and such, eventually got home about 5:35am, and I headed straight to my bed, as I had been awake for almost 20 hours!

It’s the start of the new football season today, and Plymouth Argyle got off to a pretty unspectacular start, with a 0 – 0 draw at Home Park against Millwall, not the best start, but it’s a solid enough start, and gets both teams off a duck, which puts the Pilgrims in a mid table position, good starting base for the team, and only 4 teams managed a win, so loads of teams are on one point. In other sport, F1 to be exact, Jenson Button (unwisely in my opinion) has decided to jump ship at BAR, despite pledging his future to the team only a couple months ago, to join Mark Webber at Williams next year, although I reckon money has something to do with it, it is reckoned that he will be paid 8 – 10 million dollars P/A, personally I think that Jenson is out of order stabbing BAR in the back, as David Richards and BAR put Jenson in the position he is now, he could have at least seen out his contract with the team. And if he doesn’t perform at Williams, he could find himself out in the cold, and I don’t see BAR taking him back

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