The Stitch Up!

Well, yesterday was a fun day all in all; it was my first night back at the Phoenix in a professional capacity for 11 days, and I was treated to a night of great entertainment, specifically Milk 2 Sugars, who impressed me immensely. Anyway onto the really fun stuff; Stephen in his infinite wisdom decided that we should go out after the Phoenix, I was ready to go to bed, but I reluctantly agreed, which lead to Phil being roped in, and subsequently Simon as well, when that happens, you know its going to be interesting! We ended up in Voodoo Lounge, and the obligatory drinking games ensued, and many drinks were drunk. Until about 1am when we noticed that Stephen was getting rather drunken, so we decided to stitch him up, by changing numbers to words which really hadn’t been changed, and worked it between myself, Phil and Simon that Stephen always had to drink, anyway, to cut a long story short, this went on until 2am, when we were politely asked to leave. On the way home, we made up some random story about the drunkest person having to do a forfeit, which of course was Stephen. Originally it was something tame, like walking through the sundial (which has water in it for all you people not familiar with Plymouth), but Stephen bottled it when he saw a security guard. So we made him take a piss through the grill of KJC phone shop, and the funny thing is that Phil and Simon’s flatmate Jody is manager of that shop. We kept the pretence up right until we parted ways to go to our respective homes, when Stephen called us all a lot of naughty words and vowed to get us back!!!

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