Fox Hunting

The government is going to be taking a vote on banning fox hunting with hounds again, but even if the law is passed, they will defer the bill for a period of two years, which conveniently is after the next general election. If they are going to make such pledges, they should stand by their convictions and make it law effective immediately, which is why I hate politicians, they are more concerned about their jobs than what’s right for the country. Anyway, back to the banning of fox hunting, its about fuckin’ time, something was done about it, it’s a barbaric “sport” and I use the word “sport” lightly. The hunt spokesperson said that if we didn’t hunt, the fox population would have to be controlled by shooting or poisoning, which he states is more “cruel” than hunting with dogs. What in the hell is the guy on, instant death by bullet or poisoning, versus being chased down to the point of exhaustion then ripped apart by dogs, lets see, I know which one is more humane. Maybe would should get all these hunt people off their horses and get a pack of hungry lions and let them be chased down and ripped apart, see how they like they’re humane sport!!!

In sports, my team, Plymouth Argyle lost 3 – 2 at Queens Park Rangers in London, Plymouth took the lead in the 7th minute courtesy of David Friio, but Rangers hit back with goals in the 29th and 52nd minute courtesy of Paul Furlong, and Kevin Gallen finished the job in the 89th minute, Marino Keith of Argyle got a late consolation goal in the 90th minute, but sadly that was too late to make a difference. Somehow Plymouth are still sitting in 4th place in the table, but they will need to start getting results if they want to stay at the sharp end of the table, as they have been lucky with other results going their way so far this season. Hopefully the Pilgrims will make amends in the home game against Leeds United on Tuesday evening, I would have liked to have seen that match, but I cant sadly!

In Formula One, Ferrari finally let Rubens Barrichello win his first race of the season, since Schumacher and Ferrari have already tied up all the titles for this year, it was a formation finished for the two Ferrari drivers, with Schumacher finished 1.3 seconds behind Barrichello. The BARs were the best of the rest, with Jenson Button finishing in 3rd place, followed by Takuma Sato 5 seconds later, Juan Pablo Montoya, David Couthard, Antonio Pizzonia and Giancarlo Fisichella finished in 5, 6, 7, and 8th places respectively.

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