Guess what today’s entry is about?

Yes, that’s right, its work again, mainly because I haven’t done much else in the last few days. Today was much better than the first two days as I actually knew what I was doing. First two days were familiarising myself with how everything works, and now I know all I need to know, time seems to move a lot faster and I actually enjoyed the work, well as much as any human being can enjoy working! Tomorrow is going to be interesting as I will be shutting all the machinery down as I will be the last to leave, either they have confidence in my abilities or its an oversight, if it’s the former, I guess tomorrow will either confirm their confidence in me, or kill any confidence off completely, hopefully it will be the former!

Last night I went out for a couple (yes, that’s right, only two) of pints with Stephen and James as I needed it after the day I had in work on Wednesday, talk about being thrown in at the deep end! I was home by 10pm, leaving a pub before closing time, I must have developed some common sense somewhere along the line, never used to be like that, I would go out clubbing and to hell with the consequences, and that was when I needed to be in work for 8:30am. I am back to the Phoenix tonight for the first time since starting work, not going to drink any more than two pints, really wouldn’t be good going to work with a hangover, two much noise to even contemplate that!

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