I’ve been doing some calculations!

I have been working out roughly how much I will end up with after tax and NI has been deducted and working tax credits have been added. As a rough calculation I have worked out that I will get £709 every 4 weeks as Derrys wage payment practice is to pay every 4 weeks, which is better than I expected as I am only working 30 hours. Of course all this needs to be confirmed, but it’s a general ballpark figure, which I am pretty happy with, as its quite ironic as I was getting £111 on JSA per fortnight and now I will be getting £85 per fortnight, plus my normal wages, which means that I am over £1200 up per year, taking into account the tax coming out of my wages! All I need to do now is get a bank account sorted, which I will attempt to do this morning, as I don’t start work until 11am, going to try the Nationwide; I have everything that they require as identification, so fingers crossed I will be the proud owner of a bank account come 11am this morning. If not, there is no point in working as I cant be paid my wages, as silly as it sounds, which will be incredibly frustrating for me, and no doubt my employer as they will have to replace me!

Onto Football and Plymouth Argyle and the news from the big match at Home Park against Leeds isn’t good, Argyle lost 1 – 0, which was made even worse, as Leeds were gifted a goal by Marino Keith as he deflected Paul Butler’s shot into the back of the net. All this means that Plymouth have slumped to 7th in the table 4 points behind leaders Stoke City. Argyle seem to be going backwards since their excellent start to the season, I really hope that Bobby Williamson can turn it around, I know its only 4 points, but unless things take a turn for the good, the gap is just going to get wider. I know that the aim for the first season in the Championship was to finish mid table, but the early good start has raised the bar for me!

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