I am currently in limbo as I am neither unemployed or employed, I signed off from the Jobcentre today, and I don’t commence employment until next Monday. I must admit it felt great to finally get off benefits. Tomorrow I need to sort out a bank account, and pick up my fetching blue and black work uniform for Monday, hopefully I wont have too much hassle in opening a bank account this time, as last time I tried I got turned away from every bank because I didn’t have a passport or drivers licence, which pissed me off immensely, but things have changed now, so I can open an account with a National Insurance Card supported by a P45, or P60, I am going to take a load of payslips with me as well, just in case, then they can drown in paperwork, also going to take 2 years worth of Telewest broadband and BT phone bills, if that doesn’t prove who I am and where I live, what does?

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