Shit + Hitting + Fan

Day four of my new job is over, and its been an interesting day, yesterday I left early and Stuart had it easy as nothing came through the kitchen, and you’ve guessed it, I was on late shift today and the shit really hit the fan, but what I like about the place is that everyone jumps in and helps out, you don’t get many companies that do that, really makes you appreciate the people you work with, tomorrow should be good as we have four people in the kitchen, which should really lighten the load, there needs to be 3 people at least really!

Just catching up on F1 news, and a lot has happened since me starting work, firstly Jarno Trulli has quit the Renault team, and joined Toyota, although Toyota say that he wont drive until next season, but we shall see, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him driving in one or more of the remaining three grand prix. Guess who is going to replace Trulli in the Renault? Ok, you probably wont guess, but its none other than 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve. But he will only be driving for the next three races to the end of the season, and then he will be joining Sauber for the next two seasons. I just hope that he has left that chip that he carried all the way through his BAR days back home in Canada, although he lives in Monaco, like many of the F1 drivers. But the biggest news is that Jaguar racing is to be put up for sale by Ford, and will not be racing in next seasons championship, which leaves nine teams, and since Ford has also pulled the plug on Cosworth, Minardi and Jordan could be left without engines for next season, so there could be as little as seven teams on the grid, but Bernie reckons that could be good as each team could run 3 cars!

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