Bad Day

Today has been a nightmare; firstly I overslept, slept through 4 separate alarms, so I was half hour late for work. I was expecting a bollocking for it, but the duty manager was fine about it, which was a bit of a relief. But I was feeling really ill all day, feeling dizzy, disoriented and like I was about to throw up at anytime, which really slowed my work down, as my coordination was all over the place. I really wanted to go home, but fought through it somehow and carried on with my work. Part of feeling ill was due to a hangover, it was Rachael’s birthday party last night, but I have been feeling a little under the weather for a few days now, and the hangover made it worse. Time for the phrase that everyone says after every hangover “I am never drinking again” I know I don’t mean it, but I am going to stop drinking on work nights, it’s simply not worth it, I cant be dealing with hangovers in work, too much noise in general, not good for a hangover!!! Last night in general wasn’t really worth it for me, as I somehow managed to offend one of the Phoenix soundmen, Paul, it wasn’t my intention, it was a misunderstanding I think, the message I was trying to get across didn’t come out of my mouth the way my brain intended. I was going to go to the Phoenix tonight to see the bands (and take some photos) but the way I feel at the moment, that wouldn’t be wise, going to stay home and watch some DVDs I bought yesterday, probably starting with the Abyss special edition which has 24 minutes of additional footage apparently, so it’s a night in front of the TV for me!

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