Doing myself an injury!!!

Last night I went out to meet an old work colleague from my days at NUMO, Ross. It was good to see him again; he hasn’t changed a bit, despite moving to Hertfordshire to work for T-Mobile (who incidentally I am not a fan of, because they cut my pay as you go phone off because I hadn’t ‘topped up’ for six months, but I had over £50 credit on the phone, so didn’t need to). Anyway, back to Ross, as I was saying, he hasn’t changed at all, still the womaniser (although he’ll probably disagree) and ever the salesman, he was even trying to sell the idea of me getting into C103 (that place where I am barred) to me, but that didn’t happen, not that I really wanted to go in there anyway. So they all went into C103 and I wandered over the Phoenix, met up with Phil. This is where the injuries thing comes in. Phil, a couple more friends and me went out to a few bars, drank lots of beer, drinking games, usual sort of thing. Anyway, on our way back home, I attempted to jump over a railing on the side of the road, and missed the top of the railing and landed on my arse, giving my elbow a whack at the same time, didn’t hurt too much last night, probably a lot to do with the amount of aesthetic (in the shape of alcohol), but now its really painful to the touch, so I will probably have to take a load of pain killers before work to reduce the pain!

Onto football news, Plymouth Argyle done the business at Home Park on Saturday afternoon against Gillingham. Although I thought that Argyle was heading for their third home defeat in a row, as Gillingham had a slender 1 – 0 lead up to the 89th minute, courtesy of Darius Henderson, just after half time. But David Friio became the hero of the hour, when he scored a headed double in the dying minutes of the game, to save Argyles blushes. This moves Argyle up 5 places in the league, now up to 10th position, lets hope the Pilgrims can win again on the 16th October against league leaders Wigan Athletic at Home Park. That will be a tough match, but Argyle have the talent in the team to win, they have proved they can score goals, they just need to keep the defence tight!

In Formula One, it has been suggested that there may be hope for the British Grand Prix to be reinstated onto the 2005 calendar. Bernie has split the different in the shortfall to £1.5 million. But for it to work, local firms and investors will have to put up the rest of the money, as they will benefit from the race being held. But I am not sure whether they will want to put their hands in their pockets to secure the race, which Bernie Ecclestone pointed out, I don’t like him as a person, I think he arrogant, and greedy, but he has a point there! Also in F1, we could be in for a game of musical chairs next season, if the contract recognition board decides that Jenson Button will need to stay at BAR. It is thought that Williams will want Giancarlo Fisichella, and Renault will want to Jacques Villeneuve, and Peter Sauber who owns F1 team, Sauber will become very rich as Villeneuve is contracted to Sauber for the next two years, should be interesting to watch, although things are not looking good for David Couthard for next season sadly, but I am hoping that I am wrong!!!

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