Erm. Well. Yes!

Well, life hasn’t been terrible exciting in the last two days, lots of work, had a couple pints with friends last night, then went home, and just for a change I was asleep before midnight, wonders will never cease, hopefully my insomnia is starting to subside now, I really hope so! In the last week I have completely neglected Phoenix Live as I have been feeling so run down and tired that I had no motivation to do anything after work, but will be going to the gig tomorrow, as I have Thursday off, first day off in 8 days, ye-haw, probably stay in bed all day watching DVDs, then its back to work on Friday and Saturday, before getting Sunday off, cant work two Sunday in a row, that’d kill me completely!

Oh, look! It’s a politics rant, today, foreign secretary Jack Straw has officially withdrawn the 45-minute claim that Saddam Hussein could launch weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes. Now, how in the fucking hell can he withdraw what he said now, after the UK went to war on the strength of that claim, and hundreds of military personnel were killed or injured. Not to mention the suicide of David Kelly because of his leak to the BBC, and the amount of BBC staff made to resign over the row between the BBC and the government! Jack Straw should be made to resign immediately, along with Tony Blair, and the rest of the cabinet, as they have all displayed gross negligence in this issue, endangering the country as a whole, as reprisals could still happen as retaliation for invading Iraq. It just goes to show how corrupt the government are; they should be worrying about sorting out the problems in our own country before interfering with the affairs of other countries, fucking arseholes!

In Formula One, it is rumoured that Jenson Button will be staying at BAR, the FIA contract recognition board is due to meet in a few days time to decide the fait of Jenson’s services for next year. I hope that BAR do get to keep him for at least another year, and beyond maybe? I reckon Jenson has just as much chance of winning the world drivers title with BAR as he does with Williams if not more so. BAR are moving up the grid incredibly quickly, and Williams seem to be going backwards. Or course no-one knows what will happen in the next season, but unless Ferrari screw up completely, and build a dud car, I can see any other team winning the World Drivers Championship than Ferrari and Michael Schumacher (you don’t know how much is pains me to say that).

Is the British Grand Prix going to be saved? Well, that’s the big question at the moment, it is expected that Silverstone will be on the provisional calendar for next year, which is released tomorrow, but that needs to be ratified by the FIA before it becomes official. A company called Brand Synergy (which is backed by Nigel Mansell incidentally) have put a proposal to the BRDC, who owns Silverstone, which involves Brand Synergy paying for and promoting the event, also they will be putting money into the circuit, improving facilities, new grandstand, pit complex and more. Personally I think this all stinks of a hostile takeover, will Jackie Stewart and Martin Brundle accept this to save the British GP? the answer is, I don’t know, personally I think its better to sell all or part of the circuit to Brand Synergy to save the GP, and also put Silverstone at the top where it belongs!

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