Sad Day in F1-Land

Yesterday was a very sad day for Formula One and all Formula One fans, including myself; it was the last race for the time being for two British names in the sport. Jaguar Racing has had the rug pulled out from under it by parent company Ford. Jaguar has been a proud racing team across many motorsport disciplines for a very long name, but it seems that the brand will disappear forever unless a buyer is found very soon. Also as part of Ford’s cutbacks, Engine maker, Cosworth is set to disappear as well, leaving one or more teams up shit creek next season! The other name of course is David Couthard, who is out of contract and no drive on the horizon for 2005, unless the top teams are made to run three cars, but if its going to happen, I think he may get a drive with Williams next year until Jenson Button becomes available, but of course that’s all speculation, but I am hoping as he is too good a driver to disappear off the grid completely, his past record speaks for itself!

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