What have I been doing to my body?

Recently I have been realising that my lifestyle hasn’t been good to me. I can’t even lay down on a hard surface now without being in pain, serious back pain, recently I have also bruised bones in my leg and elbow, due to drunken adventures. Not to mention all the cuts and bruises I have picked up from work. I think I need to change my lifestyle, before I drive myself into an early grave, especially cutting down on the drinking, fed up of feeling like shit each morning after a night out. I am nowhere near the fitness level I should be for my age, 10 years of abuse is starting to take its toll, and my body is starting to rebel!

In sports news, and because my friend, Tomas said the readers of his blog should read my account of the match is Argyle’s defeat at Home to league leaders Wigan Athletic. The first half was a pretty dull affair ending up 0 – 0, but in the second half, things started to come to life, unfortunately not for Plymouth, as Wigan striker, Jason Roberts score two goals in 15 minutes, first on 54 minutes and the second on 69 minutes, which all but sunk Argyles chances of a win. Stevie Crawford gave the Pilgrims some hope of salvaging some points in the 77th minute, but couldn’t get the equalising goal in the remaining 13 minutes. So another disappointing result for Argyle fans, and yet another home loss. Bobby Williamson has brought in Sunderland reserves coach Jocky Scott to coach the Argyle first team, whether this will make any difference remains to be seen, guess that only results will show whether it was the right choice or not, I really hope that it does work, it would be nice to see Argyle finish in the top third of the championship table.

In Formula One, it’s looking like this weekends Brazilian Grand Prix will be David Couthard’s last race for McLaren and maybe even his career as he has failed to sign a new contract for next season. It was rumoured that he had signed to Jaguar Racing, just before Ford pulled the plug on the team. I really hope that he can do well this weekend; maybe a podium finish, or a win would be great, unlikely but great non-the-less. I will certainly be sad to see David leave after so many years in the sport and with McLaren, but I suppose its better than retiring a few years down the line after racing for one of lower order teams, like Damon Hill did, ruining the reputation that he had built up!!!

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