Do I even bother working? I got paid yesterday, just over £600 for the month, and already I am down to £169 within one day, that’s all the bills paid for the month, but I haven’t bought any groceries yet! So looks like no Red Dwarf V DVD buying and no Half Life 2 buying, let alone the £150 I would need for a new graphics card to make Half Life 2 run at a reasonable rate. Really I am no better off now than I was when I was unemployed, no wonder so many cant be bothered to find a job. Oh not to mention the warrant I have out for my arrest for non-payment of water rates, which was supposed to be part of the rent. At the end of the day, if they want to means test me, then fine, I’ll quit my job, then I wont have any means to pay it off, infact I wont have any money at all, as I cant claim JSA if I quit my job. I know that they will take any income that isn’t already accounted for; which leaves me with nothing. I am not working all those hours to have nothing to spend on my leisure activities. Also according to my wage slip, I have earned working for Derrys; £1049.23, and yet I have been taxed for earnings of £1421.86, how the hell can I be taxed on £372.63 that I haven’t earned! I really do hate this country sometimes!

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