Distributed Computing

Over the last month or so, I have been getting increasingly disillusioned by the team that I was with, its more about politics than the team today, the community has been falling apart for some time. One particular member is annoying me, I cant make any comment at all without that person jumping on me, thinking that I am attacking him, I was replying to a comment of his, that was all, he seems to think that the team revolves around him. So I have decided to leave the team, both Cancer Project and BOINC SETI@home, and leave the forum altogether, I have no interest in it anymore, it’s simply no fun, I always say that if I am no longer enjoying something I will stop. As mentioned previously, I am taking a month out from Phoenix Live, as I don’t enjoy going to gigs that much anymore, so I will see what happens in January after I have moved, if I still don’t enjoy it, maybe its time to call it a day, maybe hand the whole site over to someone else completely, rather than letting it die slowly, or killing it off immediately, as its a great resource to the community!

Formula One Star Kimi Raikonnen has been snapped on a boozy night out in Gran Canaria, although being a public personality he should have known better, but he is still a human being and should be treated like one, not just a Formula One driver. Former German driver, Hans Stuck has condemned Raikonnen’s behaviour, pointing out that Michael Schumacher would never be caught in such a situation, conveniently forgetting that the great Schumacher himself was snapped at Suzuka last year in a similar state, double standards? I would bloody well say so, the great Schumacher can do no wrong can he?!! [Full Story]

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