Football Again!

And it was another disappointing night for the Pilgrims at Home Park, Plymouth were the stronger team for much of the match, but that means nothing if they cant deliver the results. Plymouth were 2 – 0 up at half time with goals from David Friio and Stevie Crawford, but things started to go wrong when Graham Coughlan headed the ball into his own net. Argyle held off Reading until injury time, when Dave Kitson scored a later equaliser. For me, it’s another missed opportunity; Plymouth could and should have won this game. Williamson really needs to shore up the defence, as that seems to be the weak link at the moment, Argyle can score goals, that has never been in doubt, I know it could be worse, but Argyle really do need to win their home games, that should be the aim of every professional team, and try to keep it tight away, and hopefully snatch the occasional win!

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