Half Life 2

Well, the day has come, Half-Life 2 has finally been released worldwide, and I haven’t rushed out to buy it since I only have £59 in my bank account, £40 is too much of an outlay, at least until I get paid on the 26th of this month, even then I would want to see if it plays OK on my graphics card before I get my wallet out as I know there is no way I can afford a new graphics card any time soon, much to my dismay, oh well, guess there are more important things in life, but it’s Half-Life 2, the biggest sequel ever!!!

Actually scrap all that, looks like I need more than a graphics card upgrade to get the game to run at it should, so on my shopping list before I buy Half-Life 2 will be an extra 512MB DDR333, AMD Athlon XP3000+ CPU, and a ATI Radeon 9800Pro, although an X800Pro would be nice, all this means that I wont be buying Half-Life 2 until sometime in 2005!

David Couthard has been given a possible lifeline in Formula One as Tony Purnell of new team Red Bull Racing has said that Couthard is definitely one of the contenders for a drive with the team. Couthard was rumoured to have signed for Jaguar Racing days before Ford pulled the plug, so it could be a good omen as both Purnell and David Pitchforth have stayed on in the reformed Red Bull Racing team, and if Couthard does get the drive, it could be interesting to see how they do, as Red Bull are reckoned to be spending £100,000,000 on the team, and have ambitions to win the world championship within 3 – 5 years, probably wont happen, anyone remember BAR’s ambitious plans when they joined the Formula One circus in 1998? And they have just gotten it together 6 years later!

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