House Hunting

Today has been a bit of a strange day really; I have found a place where I might live, not far from my Dad and my mates Stephen and James. I’m going to have a look at it tomorrow at 10am, before work, hopefully this will be the place, although it’s a bit more expensive than where I am living now, £105 per month in fact, if the place has central heating and a shower I will be happy enough. Although I will be sad to see the back on my current home, as I have had many good times here over the last 5 years, and it holds loads of good memories, but life’s ever changing, so let’s look forward to the future, and even better times. Top priority once I have moved in is getting the net connection back up and running, its going to kill me being offline for a single day, let alone, several days, I am hoping that there will be a BT phone line installed already, so all I have to do is get it activated, and I hope that I keep the same number, as it’s a real pain letting everyone know your new number. Back to the strange part now, it’s been very lethargic today, I seemed to be going slow as hell in work, although no-one said anything about it, this was because I was dead tired, been awake for 32 hours now, as I couldn’t sleep at all last night, in a way its good that I didn’t sleep as I wouldn’t have found the flat I am looking at tomorrow on the Internet, ah the Internet is a wonderful thing, and I am going to be without it for days while Telewest sort things out!

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