It’s been interesting…

…in work today, arrived in at 11am (yes, that is the time I was supposed to be in), by the time 12:15 came along we had a fire drill, at least I thought it was a fire drill? Although I am not convinced as the fire brigade turned up in force as well, so maybe someone hit the alarm. Well, it was better than being inside working, although it created loads of work for Stuart, and myself as all the tables had to be cleared and new meals dished out as they all went cold. Well, that was the highlight of my day, so as you can see, it’s been highly exciting, got the day off tomorrow, or at least I think that I do, didn’t check the book, but Stewart reckoned that I had Tuesday off and he hasn’t been wrong before, may phone in tomorrow just to check, it’s not going to look good if I just dont turn up!

Over the weekend, I went out on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday, but I was disappointed to see that only 4 people made the effort to come out, despite asking everyone a few days before. It was an OK night, wasn’t 100% up for it really, but I was determined to go out, spent the night in various pubs, couldn’t be bothered with clubs, just fancied going out, having a few drinks and have a chat. Maybe it’s time for the slippers and pipe, I already have the rocking chair.

Also over the weekend, in sports related stuff, Plymouth Argyle were disappointing again at home against West Ham. Plymouth went behind just before half-time courtesy of Steve Lomas, and it stayed that way until 15 minutes before time, when super-sub Paul Wotton scored from 25 yards out to level the scores. Plymouth finished the stronger side, but it’s a disappointing result, as Argyle should really win more home games than they lose, and its just not happening at home this season, I really hope it does get better!

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