Selective Memory Disorder

Last night I went to the Phoenix to take some pictures and write a review of the bands, nothing unusual about that. But the strange this is, that I cant remember what the third band on the bill sounded like, all I can remember is that they were reasonably good, but no specifics. Which is really strange as I can remember the first, second and forth bands with perfect clarity. I wasn’t drunk, infact I struggled to drink the last of my two pints (maybe I am going off beer? *shudders*), I was quite tired, as I only had 1 1/2 hours sleep the night before going to work, but if it was because of tiredness, how can I remember the last band on? I am at a complete loss to explain it, maybe my brain has become corrupt and defective, maybe its time to take a trip back to the factory to tighten up some loose screws.

Since my last entry on the blog, I have been reading lots about Half-Life 2 and people’s experiences with it. I am not sure I want to buy the game now, it requires an active Internet connection to play, as you need to log into Steam first, which is extremely annoying, not for me, as I am online 24/7, but for the gamer on 56K. And finally which has annoyed me most, is that the DVD is rumoured to only have 96% of the game on it, the final 4% needs to be downloaded via Steam, which could take some serious time if the gamer is on dial up, Valve has been very short-sighted when they implemented these anti-piracy measures.

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