Why oh why do I keep on inflicting my ears to really extremely loud Phoenix gigs, I have been deafened again from the gig on Friday (which just happened to be one of those hardcore noise gigs, and yes that is a technical term), which is really annoying as all I can hear in my right ear is a watery type of sound and all other sounds are muffled. I really should get myself some earplugs, before this becomes permanent, or in the case of the gig on Friday, industrial strength ear defenders, or give up running Phoenix Live. If this carries on until Tuesday, I will have to break the habit of a lifetime, and see my doctor to get something to clear it up, I cant put up with this for weeks like I did last time around. But at least my Internet connection problems seem to have gone away for the time being, just as well, it was driving me nuts, not being able to access the Internet, despite only being a relatively short time frame, maybe I should go on a Internet detox?

In Formula One news, it is looking very likely that Jaguar Racing will be on the grid for next season. Energy drink maker Red Bull is poised to buy the team, a source close to the company has been quoted as saying “We’ve accepted the offer; exchanged contracts – all we have to do now is hand over the keys”, Will it still remain Jaguar Racing as the Jaguar name is still the intellectual property of Ford, what will be happening with Cosworth? Also it looks very likely that the British and French grand prix will be on next seasons calendar, after agreement to cut costs in F1 and save the two historic grand prix’s, but as a consequence, will swell the season to 19 races, which is great for the fans, but some teams have shown reservations, notably Peter Sauber and his Swiss based team Sauber.

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