As I have nothing to say…

…About my own life in the last two days, I am going to talk about Chris’ favourite subject, Formula One. Starting with Scot David Couthard’s saga with Red Bull Racing, Red Bull boss, Dietrich Mateschitz has said, and I quote “If we look at the drivers who are available, DC is on the very top” as said to Autosport magazine. Obviously this is great news, but there has been a lot of mixed messages from the Red Bull boss, saying that Vitantonio Liuzzi is likely to get the second race seat for next season. But lets take this as a good sign for the moment, and keep our fingers cross that DC gets the Red Bull Racing drive for next season, if he does, he should be able to outpace his team mate, Christian Klien, as I have been less than convinced by Klien’s driving skills, if he cant do that, then it may well be time for DC to hang up his helmet. But we cant take it for granted as DC is likely to be going head to head with German, Nick Heidfeld for the second seat, so its going to be one of those England (I know he’s Scottish, but close enough) Versus Germany battles (which we normally lose unfortunately). Second F1 news story of note is that Craig Pollock and ex BAR team chief (and manager of Jacques Villeneuve) has blocked the 45% sale of BAR to Honda, by getting a court injunction to stop BAT liquidating the team, and bypassing the need for Pollock to sell his share, which he refused to do, so the courts have decided that what BAT tried to do is illegal. BAT wanted to sell 45% of the shares to Honda and keep the remaining 55% of shares, but with Pollock holding 10% of the shares, that cant happen, as if Honda owns 45%, that wont leave BAT in control of the team, as Honda will have an equal share, so its all fun and games in the BAR/BAT camp. Justice for booting out David Richards, maybe?

Microsoft has decided to take on the World with their new blog system, dubbed ‘MSN Spaces’, but the catch is that you need a hotmail account or a messenger account. Seems to me that whatever Google does, Microsoft will ‘try’ to do better, which I doubt will ever happen as almost everything Microsoft creates, tends to have more holes than the Titanic, just look at the implimentation of the promised 250MB free storage on Hotmail, everyone I know is still waiting 3 months later, I just moved to GMail. Obviously I wont be bothering with it, as I have the blog you are reading now, if you are interested, take a look here.

Well, that’s all from me today, and I’ll leave you with this thought; Iced Tea, why? Have I missed the point? The whole idea of tea, is that it’s supposed to be hot!

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