I really should know better!

Last night against my better judgement, I decided to go out drinking with Phil, I really shouldn’t drink, but I am weak and wont be able to do it next month, but paid for it today in work, although I cant complain about it, as it was self inflicted, seems that I am a glutton for punishment. This morning was chaotic, woke up late at just past 9am, so it was a mad rush to get ready, then I managed to mislay my keys, which took five minutes to find, it was now quarter past nine, so rushed into work, arrived about 5 minutes late, but I think that I got away with it, as I was the first one in today, but in my rush to get to work, I managed to pull a muscle in my leg, and it has been annoying me all day, as its painful every time the muscle stretches a certain way, and even worse, my next scheduled day off is Tuesday, working this Sunday, but its extra money, so cant afford to turn the overtime down.

It’s been a busy day in sport, firstly in football, more specifically Plymouth Argyle, who has signed Icelandic international Bjarni Gudjonsson. Not seen him play before, so I can’t really comment, but I reckon my Icelandic friend Tomas will have something to say about this. Hopefully this signing will help get Argyle back on the right track. Also it seems that Steve Crawford isn’t happy living in the South West, he has expressed his wish to return to Scotland as his wife and children have already made the move up north. In Formula One, it has been confirmed that David Couthard has clinched a one year deal to drive for Red Bull Racing next season, which is great news, hopefully he can do well next season and retain his seat for 2006, although with the car being based on the Jaguar, I am not convinced that the car will be up there with the big boys, but I really hope that it will be, I’d love to see DC challenging for Grand Prix wins, I will certainly be watching with interest!

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