I suppose!

I should do an update, although nothing very interesting has happened over the last week. Right, a summary then, I was late for work on Friday (Christmas Eve) as no-one told me that the store was closing at 4:30pm, so I assumed that it was normal closing times, so wasn’t expecting to be there until 11am. But received a call from my line manager at 10:25am, asking why I wasn’t at work, I explained the situation and made my way down to work in record time, just over 10 minutes. It seems that I had gotten away with it pretty much; it was an honest mistake after all. In the evening, I went out for what I intended as a few drinks with my work mates, although it turned into about 6 or 7 pints, as I went to another pub with Stuart (the one that I had issues with in work previously) But outside of work, he is a more relaxed person, and actually had a decent conversation with him. I eventually got home about just before 11pm, called Stephen as I was in the mood for going out, but he was about to go into Just For Kids, as regular readers will know I cant go there anymore. So I decided to call it a day and go to bed, just as well, as I had already had enough to drink, and needed to be up relatively early in the morning. The reason being that I was going to my dad’s for Christmas dinner, which I did, not too much I can say about that really, I arrived, I ate dinner, watched some TV and chatted with my dad, and went home, just about sums up the day. Today (Boxing Day) has been generally dull, apart from finding out that I managed to break my mobile phone somehow, so had to invest in new one, setting me back £75, I was intending to update my phone at some point over the next few months, but not right at this moment in time, anyway, went and got myself one of these.

Right onto football and Plymouth Argyle, and just for a change I am happy to say that Argyle managed to win at Home Park, stopping the rot again, but it was no ordinary win, it was against the old nemesis from the old division 2, QPR, which made the win all the sweeter. It seems that the new Icelandic midfielder Bjarni Gudjonsson has made an impact in only his second game, setting up Paul Wotton to take the lead on 13 minutes. Regular goal scorer Mickey Evans doubled the lead just after the half time interval. Rangers pulled a goal back 4 minutes later, but Plymouth held out for the win, lets hope that the Pilgrims can string a couple of good results together now, to boost the confidence of the team and give the fans something to cheer about, not to mention getting warmed up for the big FA cup game in January against a little know team called Everton!

I leave you with this thought from my head; I think that Steve what’s-his-name from X Factor version of the Phil Collins classic ‘against all odds’ is actually better than the original, which is something as I am a Phil Collins fan! *awaits the lynching mob*

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