I’m not angry!

I am way past angry. Today in work has been a fucking joke, well it was OK until 4:30pm, I was in a generally good mood, then Dot, one of the supervisors decided that she was going to clean the dish washing room, while there was a pile of dishes to be washed, and then got bombarded by how dirty it was for 1 ¼ hours, what does she fucking want, blood, I cant spare 10 minutes to clean let alone 1 1/2 hours, the dish room is far too small and far too many dishes come through in the day. Oh, and I have to wash the dishes in soapy water first then put it through the machine, what the fuck is the point of the machine if you are hand washing everything? So we cant do what we normally do, because it would make too much mess, but if we do it the way Dot wants it, then we will be so far behind that we wont be finished until 10pm. Then to add insult to injury in comes Stuart, self promoted head of the dish wash team, and moans at me about the trolley, and then proceeds to have a bitch about myself and the other guys in the team, not cleaning the room, he doesn’t do it that often, so he has no grounds to complain, he really needs to sort his attitude out, if he doesn’t its only a matter of time until I punch him. Today was the first time I thought about quitting seriously; I very nearly said “you can stick your job up your arse!” It was only the thought of not being able to afford the new flat if I quit that stopped me, although I will be on the look out for a better job, because this cant go on, I am not surprised that no-one stays at the company for long. I never expected it to be easy, but what they are asking is beyond reasonability. I have calmed down somewhat since all this happened, if I hadn’t, there would be a lot of swearing in this entry, although I managed to walk, well storm home in a record four minutes I was that angry, just as well no-one said anything to me on the way home, as they would have got a smack in the face!!! Anyway I am going out for a drink, I really need one or ten at the moment, (for medicinal purposes you understand!

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