I’m on the move

It’s now official, I am moving home, got the keys, relieved my dads wallet of £700, called up BT and Telewest, and the broadband is being installed on Friday morning, and BT is switching on the line for Monday morning. I was actually surprised how easy it was really, just need to sort out a key and card meter for the gas and electricity, and get a water meter installed, I am not paying the £68 that South West Water want each month, as I use nowhere near that amount of water, then its just the simple, or not so simple logistical exercise of physically moving everything to the new flat. I say not so easy as the hallways are not that wide and plenty of tight angles to negotiate, so I think I will have to buy a smaller sofa as my current one isn’t going to fit through the door, even if it will physically fit in the room. So this is likely to be the last entry from Adelaide Street, and I will miss this place, even though it has many faults, because the place holds many good memories for me, but hopefully the new flat will bring many more good times.

So this is Jason signing off from Adelaide Street! see you on the other side!

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