New Surroundings

I have now moved to the new flat, well sort of, all the big stuff has been moved, but lots of smaller things still need to be moved, but I have until the end of January to get that done, but all the essential stuff has been moved. I have discovered that I cant pick up Channel 5 on my digital freeview box which is very annoying as that’s the only channel I really watch. So it now looks like I will have to go to extra expense and get the Telewest TV package, although it will give me a lot more choice, over 100 channels of choice in fact. Anyway, back to the flat, its in a mess at the moment as I cant find places to put everything, I think that I will need to either put shelves up or get a shelving unit as all my CD/DVD/Games don’t have a home yet, infact I don’t have anything to actually sit on yet, the sofabed I want to get wont be here until after the new year + I need to buy so much new stuff, going to use this as a new start for me, since I have a new job, well semi-new, and have moved away from all the complications and shit of Stonehouse, usual family problems, hence all of them living so close, the closest family member now is my Dad, and I am away from all the pubs of Union St here, so the temptation to drink is a lot less + many of my friends are now a lot closer. Although living up here seems quite strange at the moment, as I have always lived around the Stonehouse area, probably not used to how quiet it is up here, only the occasional car driving past at night, instead of the normal pissed people being loud and obnoxious as they pass my window in the old flat! Well, that’s about all I can say about the new flat, will put up some pictures when I tidy up a little bit!

Onto sports stuff, the British Grand Prix has been finally confirmed on the 2005 F1 calendar, but it has moved to a week later than expected, on the 9th and 10th of July, which is great news for all British motor sport fans, although this move has scuppered any plans to go to next years GP. David Couthard is looking more and more likely to be the ‘experienced’ driver for Red Bull Racing, which is great news for both Couthard and British racing fans, as if David wasn’t to drive in 2005, Britain would only have one representative in F1 next year, and that is never a good thing, as far as I am concerned!

Football, normal service has been resumed with Argyle getting slaughtered 3 – 0 away at Gresty Road, Argyle simply didn’t play well, and Crewe deserved the win, and the final seal on the game was an own goal by Plymouth’s Mathias Doumbe deflecting Kenny Lunt’s pass into the back of his own net. All this means that all the good work done at Home Park last weekend has been undone, and the Pilgrims have slumped back to 15th in the table yet again, it really seems like one step forward, two steps back at the moment, Argyle desperately need to string a couple of good results together as I tend to think that recent results are as much as a result of poor morale than lack of skill on the part of the team, we have shown we can beat the best the league has to offer, we just need consistency now.

Well, that’s about all I have to say, nothing else of note has happened since the last update, so ciao for now! And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… ;)

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