Oh My God!

Today, I have been noticing people forever droping their ‘H’s when speaking and generally not talking properly, then (dun, dun, dunnnn) I stopped and listened to myself speak, and found I do exactly the same, OH MY GOD, I am a commoner! Actually I am not bothered about that part, but I always used to pride myself on speaking properly, and it seems that I don’t, at least not anymore, guess it has rubbed off on me after listening to all my mates and work colleagues speaking ‘slang’ English. Don’t get me wrong, I have never be one of these ‘how now brown cow’ type of people, or pretend to be a middle or upper class, I am working class and proud of it, I was just shocked that after telling everyone else off for using slang English, I do it myself, *hangs head in shame*

First thing I am going to say in this paragraph is; I love Telewest, as most of you know I have a Telewest 1Mb broadband connection in my home, which was upgraded to 1.5Mb about six months ago, now they have upped the speed by another 512Kb to 2Mb for free, obviously it’s to compete with the new 2Mb ADSL services that have been cropping up, and to attract new customers, but its nice of Telewest to upgrade everyone for no extra cost, and to that of double the speed that I actually pay for. 512Kb (768kb) users now have 1Mb; 1Mb (1.5Mb) users now have 2Mb; and the 2Mb (3Mb) users now have a whopping 4Mb. Also I have signed up to Telewest’s Supreme TV package for £20 per month, which gives me 109 digital widescreen channels, but it cant be installed until January 13th as the installers are booked up solid until then, so I guess that I will have to wait, no choice really, but its annoying as my Freeview box doesn’t work properly here, I am missing half the channels because of the crap digital signal coming off the Caradon Hill transmitter.

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