More moving pains!

One month after moving in, I am now in the process of sorting out the electricity and gas supplies, apparently I am with Powergen for gas, according to a letter they sent me, but they don’t seem to have a prepayment plan on offer, so that rules them out of the equation, so now I need to call Transco and Western Power Distribution to find out my MPR and MPAN numbers. This is all new to me, as all my previous addresses have been SWEB for electricity and British Gas for gas, both prepayment meters. So I want to definitely have prepayment meters installed, so that leaves me with two choices, either British Gas or SWEB, I am going to have both gas and electricity from the same supplier as its much cheaper than having separate suppliers. Oh, one minor problem, I don’t seem to be able to find the gas meter anywhere in the parts of the house that I can access, which is a slight problem for using a prepayment meter. Why does life have to be so complicated, all I want is a quiet life, seems that I am not going to get it, so it now looks like my day off on Tuesday is going to be spend calling around trying to sort all this out.

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