I was at work today, what a surprise eh? Anyway I was trying to collect the trolley full of dirty dishes from the girls collecting them and give them a clean trolley, only to be foiled by pram park city, that in itself is fine, but these weren’t ordinary prams. We are talking huge things, which the baby looked lost in. What is wrong with a sensible size pram that fits the child? They are not so much prams as armoured vehicles; I wouldn’t like to be in a collision with one of these things. Maybe I should write to Jeremy Clarkson to do a crash test, Pram Versus Volvo and see which comes off worse! I think that all mothers should be made to leave their prams in a pram park, as they are not suitable for use in a restaurant.

While we are on the subject of mothers, while I was waiting for them to get their armoured vehicles, sorry prams out of the way, I overheard one girl that couldn’t have been much more than twenty telling her friend that its best to get pregnant and live off the state, better than working! What a totally shit attitude to have to life, getting pregnant just to get a flat and have pretty much everything paid for them. What’s wrong with people in this country these days, I have never known such a work-shy generation in my life. I don’t see why I should pay my taxes to support them just because they can’t keep their legs closed!

That’s about all I have to say for the moment, so bye for now!

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