Wipe Out!

Yesterday was a bit of a wipeout really, the only thing I achieved was getting to work, and back home again. On Sunday night I couldn’t sleep hardly at all, waking up every 10 – 15 minutes, so went to work incredibly tired, managed to get through the day and get home again. Once home I sat at the PC, switched it on, checked my Email, then thought, “I cant be arsed” and retired to the living room to watch some TV. Which I didn’t manage to actually do, as about five minutes after turning on the TV, I fell asleep, and stayed asleep until 11:23pm, when I decided to turn off the TV and go back to sleep, next thing I know, its 8:15am and my alarm clock was beeping at me. The odd thing is that I still felt tired despite having over 14 hours sleep, in fact I still feel tired now as I write this, looks like all these late nights and early mornings have finally caught up with me.

In work today it has been OK, not too busy, but what the people upstairs (you know the type, overpaid and under worked) have done is stop people eating or drinking in the locker room, there is a huge sign on the wall of the locker room. How petty can they be for fucks sake? We cant take the food we buy outside the store up to the staff canteen, so when it rains, we have no option but to use the locker room. Maybe I should stand out in the wind, rain and cold and eat my food, then sue the company if I catch pneumonia?

In football, Bobby Williamson has called on the fans that boo’ed Argyle off the pitch on Saturday to stop and support the team. Personally I think the fans have been more than tolerant in recent times. Plymouth’s home form has been atrocious frankly, and the fans have the right to show their displeasure at their performances. If the manager and team want to be cheered, they will need to earn it. With only five home wins in fifteen games, that simply isn’t good enough, you expect your team to win the majority of their home games. To put this in perspective, their away record is almost as good as their home record, with four wins, two draws and nine loses on the road.

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