Work related shit!

Work was pretty uneventful until Saturday when the whole pot wash team was called into the office. To be told that we weren’t keeping the pot wash room clean enough. We try to keep it clean, cleaning when we can, but with the amount of dishes that come through the room, it is hard to find time to clean thoroughly. The fact that the majority of the time, there is only two people in the pot wash, which we need at least three, four would be nice for those busy periods, plus we get bogged down with other tasks, which puts us behind in our own work. Other things was that we are supposedly being nasty to other staff members, and don’t show enough respect. We treat people the same way that the bosses treat us, so that means they don’t show us respect either. One bit of good news (from my point of view anyway) is that the duty manager is being transferred to another department. She was always snapping at people and blaming the staff for stuff being their control. All this means that I am keeping an eye out for other work, as I can’t really afford to be ‘part-time’ especially not now with the new flat. It doesn’t look like Derrys will take me on full time, it’s only another 7.5 hours per week, but that’s an extra, £37.50 per week, meaning an extra £150 per month, which would be very handy at the moment. Not just that, it would solve so many work related problems like the cleaning of the pot wash, if I was in earlier I could clean properly before it got busy, at the moment I only have about 10 – 15 minutes to clean everything properly, but it’s not going to happen as they wont shell out an extra £150 per month, when they are making near enough £1m p/a for the department alone.

While we are on the subject of finances, I am trying to be honest and somehow pay all my bills, but that isn’t going to happen with TV Licensing, as they want to take £30+ from my account each month, which I cant afford, as it will more than likely screw up my rent payments as I am already walking a tightrope financially. So much for their £11 per month payment system, that only applies if you have a current licence with a full 12 months to run. So until my financial situation improves that will have to be put on hold!

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